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At Imprint.ee, our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable printer repair services to our clients. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering high-quality solutions that get your printer back up and running in no time. Our team of experienced technicians is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Common Issues with Brother

My printer won’t print:

– Ensure that the printer is still connected (via USB, Ethernet cable, or Wi-Fi).
– Verify that the printer driver and software are installed on the computer you want to print from.

Low ink warnings:

Don’t rush to replace cartridges if you get a low-ink warning. Most printers issue warnings when ink is low, but their accuracy varies. Continue printing beyond the warning to gauge actual ink levels

Printing from mobile devices:

Even older printers can often print from phones or tablets. Most Wi-Fi printers support AirPrint for iOS devices on the same network. Check if your printer manufacturer offers apps for printing from various devices.

Unresponsive printer:

– If your printer isn’t responding, check power connections and restart it.
– Verify that it’s properly connected to your computer or network.Sometimes a reboot does wonders!

Bad print quality:

– If your prints look off, check ink levels, printhead alignment, and paper type.
– Clean the printhead if necessary.
– Adjust print settings for better quality.

Printer security concerns:

– Ensure your printer is secure, especially if it’s connected to Wi-Fi.
– Change default passwords and update firmware to protect against vulnerabilities.

Paper jams:

– Regularly clean the paper feed rollers.
– Use the right paper type and avoid overloading the tray.
– If a jam occurs, follow the printer’s instructions to clear it.

Slow printing:

– Optimize print settings (e.g., draft mode for non-critical documents).
– Check if your printer has a “fast print” option.
– Consider upgrading to a faster model if needed.

Scanning issues:

– Ensure the scanner is properly connected and powered.
– Update scanner drivers and software.
– Troubleshoot any error messages related to scanning.

Printing costs:

– To reduce expenses, use draft mode for drafts and regular mode for final prints.
– Consider third-party ink cartridges or refill kits.
– Evaluate whether a laser printer might be more cost-effective in the long run.

Remember, persistence and a little troubleshooting can often resolve printer woes. If all else fails, tech support is just a call away!


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Find helpful resources for printer repair online. Check manufacturer websites, forums, how-to articles/videos, and books/manuals. Save time and money by fixing common printer issues on your own.

Brother Printer Repair

Repair information for printers made by Brother. https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Brother_Printer

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